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Join Me for a Personalized One-on-One Session and Begin Your Journey to Ultimate Success!

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Journey to Personal Transformation: My Guided Path to Success

key benefits of one-on-one consultation

Join Me for a Personalized One-on-One Session and Begin Your Journey to Ultimate Success!

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How does it work?

I will be your Life –Design Partner throughout this process, giving you skills and tools for life. This is not about looking outside yourself for answers but about developing your own internal compass.

Working through mind unique 5 step formula, customized for your need and goals, you will

Why Dr. Kanchan Gaba?

Why Dr. Kanchan Gaba?

🌟 I stands apart from the crowd of life coaches. While others rely on books and workshops, she forged her own path to success through trial, error, and unwavering determination. Despite facing visual challenges, I defied the odds, rewriting her destiny in every aspect of her life – from her career and finances to her health and relationships.

🌈 Rather than seeing her visual impairment as a barrier, I turned it into a source of strength. She developed her own success recipes – tried, tested, and proven in her own life – and now she’s ready to share them with those who are truly committed to change.

💼 My journey is nothing short of miraculous, from receiving the prestigious President’s Award twice to conquering mountains and earning a Ph.D. in law. Her unique blend of resilience, expertise, and real-world experience sets her apart as a transformational life coach.

💡 With her sharp analytical mind and deep understanding of human psychology, I have helped countless individuals break through their limitations and achieve their dreams. She doesn’t just offer advice; she rewires your brain, reshaping your beliefs and habits to align with your goals.

🌱 My workshops are transformative experiences, where participants witness tangible, immediate changes in themselves. Regardless of your background or status, I empowers you to reach your full potential and create the life you desire.

Ready to rewrite your story and unleash your true potential? I am here to guide you every step of the way.

key benefits of one-on-one consultations

What they say about me

Mrs Nandini Ghosh Executive Adamas School (Kolkata)

I am thankful to Dr. Kanchan Gaba for her excellent and powerful guidance for the concentration and study tips she shared with my son during her individual counselling session. She is a mind blowing transformational life coach. My son got hugely impacted by her guidance and now he becomes quite attentive in his studies and completely stop procrastination. My heart felt gratitude to Dr. Kanchan Gaba

Mr. Pratim Ghosh Managing Director – Aerolite Battery Manufacturing & Service

Her visionary guidance to excel in organizing my personal life gave a huge respite while I was attending her online workshop on ‘Work Life Balance’ in mid-November 2021.Her mesmerized aura and super powerful talk made me felt that the purpose of life of every individual should be ‘Grow & Contribute ‘. Having attended her workshop I found a different dimension of my own life. My best wishes always remain with her . Thank you Dr. Gaba

Ms Sritama Deb (Msc. Library Science ), Home Maker

She is the epitome of huge success; she achieved in her life . She herself is the burning example of an empowered life. I can bet that anybody without any vision in life can able to bring change in their life if attend her workshop once in their lifetime . Everyday I fall in love with her for her extreme mental strength and powerful vision in her life .Attending her live seminar gave me huge personal growth in my life . Love & Gratitude

Subhadeep Roychoudhury System Engineer-IBM

While I was getting stacked with huge workload and could not able segregate my personal and professional life then attending the online seminar of Dr. Gaba brought a huge respite in my life . Her meticulous scientific knowledge on stress management made me so contended that today I can easily able to organize my work in my own way . I always feel an urge to attend her workshop repeatedly because her in depth knowledge in addressing human crisis in every sphere of life . Thank you Dr Kanchan

.” Mr Prokriti Bannerjee – Chief Accountant

I never thought that I can lead a life without the anxiety which I am bearing since my mid 30s. The past traumatic experience in my life was the nightmare for me . I could not able to sleep properly and was on anti depressive medication . While I came into the touch of Dr. Kanchan Gaba through her seminar ,I literally found her as my the guiding force , my guardian in my life . She became my philosopher and guide . She has removed all my anxiety from my mind using various scientific tools. I will always remain thankful to her

Sharukh Khan Bollywood Actor

Dr Kanchan is like an angel who can drastically change the vision of millions with her wisdom and knowledge

Amitabh Bacchan Veteran Actor of Indian Cinema

Dr Gaba is an excellent inspiration for tomorrow’s world . She is the epitome of enormous courage and iron determination

Saurab Ganguly Captain, India Cricket Team

Kanchan is a star in that galaxy where people live in abundance . She is the best Life coach I have ever met !

Sri Gopal Krishna Gandhi Former Governor of West Bengal

Kanchan has the ability to lead India ahead

Sri M.K Narayanan Former Governor of West Bengal

Her vision and patronage can create miracle among many people across the globe

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    Join Me for a Personalized One-on-One Session and Begin Your Journey to Ultimate Success!


    🌟 Life coaching is a collaborative process where a trained professional, like Dr. Kanchan Gaba, helps you identify your goals, overcome obstacles, and achieve personal growth and success.

    🌟 Dr. Kanchan Gaba’s approach is unique because she has overcome personal challenges, developed her own success strategies, and achieved remarkable success in various aspects of life, making her exceptionally qualified to guide others.

    🌟 Dr. Kanchan Gaba specializes in addressing a wide range of challenges, including but not limited to goal setting, overcoming negative thinking, improving relationships, managing stress, and achieving work-life balance.

    🌟 Dr. Kanchan Gaba offers personalized one-on-one coaching sessions tailored to each individual’s needs. Sessions can be conducted in person, over the phone, or through video calls for convenience.

    🌟 The timeline for seeing results varies depending on individual circumstances and goals. However, many clients experience positive changes early on in the coaching process and continue to see progress over time.

    🌟 To get started, simply reach out to Dr. Kanchan Gaba through her website or contact information provided on the landing page. She will guide you through the process and help you determine the best coaching plan for your needs.